#algorithmicEvil - Consumer Advice from US Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee

This excellent Ars Technica article summarizes a report from the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation that explores the practices and policies of consumer data collection companies.

It's conclusions: Consumers ...

#algorithmicEvil - Why social mediation is a really bad practice

An article about the Moto X spawned varied discussions about tracking and privacy. It also got me thinking about the broader implications of the underlying social mediation mechanism that is all but invisible and missing from these discussions.

More #algorithmicEvil - The Day Yahoo Decided I Liked Reading About Child Murder

Excellent article from Sarah Kendzior at The Atlantic:

Algorithms are shaping how we see the world around us, with big consequences. What a machine thinks we need to know can become what we fear.

Filed under: "I told you so." But wait - there's more:

#algorithmicEvil - More insight from the Googleplex

Mike Elgan's excellent Cult of Mac article Why Apple Won't Turn You Into A Cyborg is an excellent exposition of the very different worldviews of Google and Apple.
This quote nails it:

Google is founded on and obsessed by engineering and the power of algorithms to the same degree as Apple is with design.


What does Google's new privacy policy and Facebook's ever-changing privacy policy have in common?
They are both harbingers of evil.
Not evil in the (dualistic) sense of being the opposite of good; but evil because they represent an arguably Faustian exchange of something essential for convenience.
Let me explain.
Ayn Rand defines evil in The Virtue of Selfishness as follows:

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